About Giggl

What is GIGGL?

We all know, or have heard about, families with a seriously ill child; naturally, our hearts go out to them and we would like to help them any way we can. But our resources as individuals are limited, our ability to help, measured -- what can we really do to ease their pain and alleviate their suffering?

This important question bothered me, too, for many years until I decided to act. With the generous help and support of friends and supporters such as yourself, I founded an organization which I named "GIGGL."

What does GIGGL do?

GIGGL organizes parties and events to entertain children suffering from life threatening illnesses and their beleaguered families, bringing them unbridled joy! For a few blessed hours, the families get to escape the sad details of their difficult existence, which has robbed them of their joy in life.

GIGGL puts together a memorable party and singular experience that they will always cherish. For a few heavenly hours they too can be a regular happy family, enjoying the experiences and joys that normal families often share. The ringing sound of laughter and the glow of happiness replace the prevalent gloom and somberness. Entertainers. Clowns. Singers. Magicians. Delicious Food. Gifts. Toys. Trips. Fun. Excitement. And perhaps most importantly: restoring that long-lost precious sound that families sometimes take for granted: the GIGGL!


We Need Your Help!

 Of course, this exciting community service requires serious financial backing, and that is where you can make a difference -- a meaningful difference -- in the quality of life of the entire afflicted family. Your donation will bring real joy to the difficult lives of the patients and their families, and additionally, it will give you the deep satisfaction of knowing that you have done something big toward improving their quality of life as they negotiate the quagmire of their challenging existence.

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We are a community supported organization with no professional fundraisers.