This website is dedicated to the hallowed memory of three special individuals, instrumental in the formation of GIGGL: Rabbi Gedaliah Roseman a’h, Rabbi Yisroel Landsman a’h, and his daughter, Nechama Landsman a’h.

Rabbi Gedaliah Roseman ZT"L

Rabbi Gedaliah Roseman ZT"L, father of Giggl’s founder, Mr. Menachem Tzvi Roseman, was born to R’ Yisroel and Mrs. Freida Roseman, both ardent, devout, G-d fearing Jews.

As a young boy, little Gedaliah attended Torah Vodaas in Williamsburg and it was in that great institution that he was introduced to the holy world of torah, tefilah, chessed, middos tovos and advanced Torah study. Possessed of a buoyant, outgoing personality, young Gedaliah easily made many friends and always had a smile and good word for everyone. And if he saw someone with a downcast expression he would order him, "Smile!", automatically softening the atmosphere, and of course bringing a smile to his face. This blessed habit of his became a lifelong, trademark personality trait.

As young Gedaliah matured, he earned his Semichah (rabbinical ordination) from Mesivta Torah Vodaas. R’ Gedaliah would seek to draw individuals close to Torah, utilizing his trademark methods of pleasant, kind words and genuine friendship. Although deserving of homage and admiration, R’ Gedaliah was a humble man, eschewing any forms of honor and respect.

R’ Gedaliah was niftar in 2010, on Motzei Tzom Gedaliah, leaving behind a grieving wife, family, children, grandchildren and community, all touched by his wonderful example and forever more inspired by his wonderful example.

May his memory be a blessing for all Israel. Amen.

Rabbi Yisroel Landsman ZT"L

Rabbi Yisroel Landsman ZT"L was a man of indefatigable passion and vision. Despite experiencing many hardships in his childhood, he built himself into a truly great man. He was a man who set lofty, important goals for himself, including building a large, beautiful family, growing personally in Torah study, and helping Klal Yisroel. His home was a bastion of hachnosas orchim, as he truly endeavored to emulate Avraham Avinu. His door was open to all and he gave freely to everyone with an overflowing heart. People from all walks of life found a closeness and connection to Hakadosh Baruch Hu in the warm embrace of his home.

Rabbi Landsman lived his dreams with a burning passion, never letting anything stop him from achieving his goals. Although many obstacles arose, he persisted in attaining his goals with superhuman determination. His burning fire of ahavas yisroel and ahavas haTorah helped him forge on despite experiencing crushing poverty, losing a baby to SIDS, making aliya and guiding his large family through its unique challenges, assisting his teenage daughter in battling cancer for many years, as well as ultimately fighting cancer himself. And as he watched his beautiful home and accomplishments threatened by many large obstacles, no matter what was going on in his own personal life and what pain he was suffering, his simchas hachaim never faltered, even for a moment. His focus was always on everyone else and what he could do for others, and never on himself.

Rabbi Landsman was an educator with every fiber of his being. Whether it was via teaching Torah through his Jewish Educational Entertainment Company, or through his teaching of shechita, safrus and milah to thousands of talmidim, he was always an educator par excellence. As a beloved talmid remarked, "There are many wonderful rabbeim in the world, but a rebbi like Rabbi Landsman is uniquely special, and impossible to forget."

Unfortunately, the Landsman family, as well as all of klal yisroel, suffered a tremendous loss when THE OHEV YISROEL, par excellence, as he was often called, passed away at the young age of 54, leaving behind a bereaved family, loving talmidim and friends, and a gaping hole in our collective heart. Yehi zichro baruch.

Nechama Landsman A"H

The 8th child in a large, happy, and boisterous family, Nechama Landsman, was known for her effervescent smile and reticent nature. Graced with delicate beauty and sweet refinement, Nechama shone out among her peers.

Due to learning disabilities, Nechama was forced to move from school to school in order to find the educational framework that suited her best, but she never let this challenge get her down. No matter where she was in school she was always a source of inspiration and encouragement to everyone around her. One of her teachers nostalgically recalled the time when the whole class worked very hard on a beautiful arts and crafts project, designing their very own bracelet. After days of hard work and intense effort, the girls finished it. After class, Nechama shyly approached her teacher and presented her with a beautiful bracelet, the result of weeks of hard work and said "Morah, I made this for you, I hope you like it". Such selflessness and giving were trademarks of Nechama’s personality.

At the tender age of 15 and a half, Nechama was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer. Although the doctors initially gave her only six months to live, Nechama bravely and courageously battled her illness for five long years.

Nechama underwent numerous rounds of chemotherapy, extremely difficult and complicated surgeries, went into remission and out of remission a number of times, and through it all, her simchas hachayim and will to live never wavered. Despite the fact that Nechama could have easily succumbed to depression and gloom, she consciously chose to fight this battle with a smile. Her smile and good cheer was a magnet that drew people to her seeking encouragement and advice. Nechama was known in the oncology ward for her fighting spirit and she spread this fire to the other patients in the ward. One small example: A fellow teen in the oncology ward was finding it impossible to accept her harsh diagnosis and she was filled with anger, bitterness, and resentment. What did Nechama do? She took her out to 7-11 and bought boxes of eggs and garbage bags. Then the two of them popped holes in the bags for their arms and legs, and proceeded to have an intense egg fight! The girl got out all of her emotions via this healthy outlet and returned to the ward full of spunk, new hope, and willpower to fight this battle and emerge victorious.

Nechama accomplished so much in her short life. When she found out that her mission was soon to end, her immediate response was (quoted from her diary) "I wasn’t so happy to hear the news that my cancer has returned, but I smiled and laughed, because I know this test is good for me and was given to me by G-d out of love."

For five long years, Nechama suffered tremendously, yet this pain never got her down. Her view on suffering was that all of her trials throughout those years served a purpose, that she was suffering so that others wouldn’t need to suffer. She embraced the pain, feeling that through her pain, she was sparing others. Throughout her short life, Nechama’s primary concern was to do for others, and now in Heaven, she is surely continuing to do the same thing, beseeching G-d to take away all the suffering and pain in this world, and replace it with happiness, joy, and faith.

May her memory be a blessing and inspiration to all!

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