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Dear Mr. Roseman,

My family and I have been so very fortunate to have benefited from the tremendous warmth, love, and companionship offered to us through the GIGGL organization’s wonderful activities. My daughter, Nechama, a’h, while struggling with her difficult illness, was blessedly entertained by this excellent, outstanding organization and for those precious moments her terrible illness receded into the background, nearly forgotten.

GIGGL, quite an appropriate name, was always there to answer my family’s many questions, and fill our varied needs. As such, I wish a big, hearty Toda Rabba! to this blessed organization, which represents the very best of our holy nation’s excellence in chessed.
In gratitude,
Mrs. L

What giggl did for my son & his siblings during a very trying time is hard to even put into words. It was my son's 16th birthday he was scheduled to spend that day in the hospital receiving chemo...& then giggl stepped in. A day that would have been filled with sadness & bad memories was transformed to the best birthday ever. Giggl thought of EVERYTHING & made the night epic! Not just for Avi but for ALL his siblings. It was a birthday we will never forget! Filled with laughter fun good friends & most important love. Thank you Giggl for all that you do! May Hashem continue 2 give u the resources, mazal & gezunt to keep kids smiling!
Mrs. G

Dear Mr. Menachem Tzvi Roseman,

As you are a close friend of my family’s, I wish to share with you an observation, which gives me great personal satisfaction. I see how your excellent work, assisting ill children and their families through parties and events etc., is filling up a large part of your time. And, I know that the only way to be truly satisfied in life is to be involved in doing great things that you love doing. Therefore, I am so pleased to see you doing a great thing that I personally know you truly love doing: helping others in need!I am confident that my late husband, Yisroel Refoel  ZTL, would have been very proud of this organization for its excellent work in bringing happiness to all those who need it.

You know, our sages have taught us that "nothing stops the man who truly desires to achieve." Each and every obstacle strewn along his path is but a means to develop and strengthen his "achievement muscles;" it's a strengthening of his powers of accomplishment Mr. Roseman, you have been a dear friend and supporter of our family for many years now, assisting us through some serious life challenges and difficulties that we have faced over the years. And, you have extended your caring and sharing attitude not only to our family, but also to many others in need. You have served as the man behind all the benefits and services that GIGGL provides to those in need, free of charge. Anyone who has long-term illness can benefit from the great activities it provides such as, the "big brothers or sisters" program, bringing the ill children uplifting, happy music, Purim and Chanukah parties, etc., among many other services that GIGGL offers.

Many thanks to you, Mr. Roseman, for your incredible, landscape-altering accomplishments, and please accept my family’s best wishes to you for major success in continuing to provide families, struggling with severe illness, with joy.
Finally, I wish to share with you personal sentiments that me and my family feel toward your excellent organization, GIGGL. As I was committing these feelings into writing the spirit moved me, so to speak, and these feelings are expressed in a somewhat poetic fashion. Here goes:

"G" stands for "Gracious," representing the excellent, sensitive way that GIGGL approaches and handles the children in need.
"I" stands for Informative," representing the excellence GIGGL displays in keeping the parents informed of ways to forget the frightful illness that they are grappling with.
"G," stands for "Good," as GIGGl is GOOD! - REAL GOOD! - at what it does and accomplishes!
"G," stands for "Grand," alluding to the grand, amazing way GIGGL conducts itself in all its undertakings.
"L" stands for Loving," representing the enormous love it displays to one and all in such a GRACIOUS, INFORMATIVE, GOOD, GRAND and LOVING manner!
Thank you Mr. Roseman for everything!In gratitude,

Mrs. L

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