Giggl Pushkas

In response to the many requests, we are now offering beautiful, decorative pushkas for your home and place of business. These pushkas will brighten up your home and office and afford you the opportunity to donate to Giggl easily and repeatedly!

Having a pushka handy is a wonderful thing. Our Rabbis teach us that a pushka serves as a shmira, a Divine protection from all evil; in the merit of giving tzedaka one is saved from misfortune. Indeed, many Jewish women keep a pushka next to their Shabbos candelabras to facilitate giving tzedaka before candle lighting as they prepare to pray for the welfare of their families.

When requesting a pushka, please note that they are available in both small and large sizes. We have small pushkas for home use and large pushkas for a place of business (especially for stores). As such, please indicate which type of pushka you need so that we may accommodate you correctly. Please click the button below to contact us to get your pushka.


Thank you and best wishes!

The Giggl family

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